What vehicles can you ECU Tune?

Many modern cars can benefit from this method of tuning so please contact us to check suitability of your vehicle.

Will the Remap make my vehicle use more fuel?

It totally depends on your driving style. If you were to drive your vehicle "normally" you would actually see quite a pleasing improvement in fuel economy. This is will partly be due using higher gears sooner as more power and torque is available. However if you drive really hard all the time then you risk using more fuel.

I found a remap with proper ecu identifiers, but I need more…

Please, contact us and we’ll inform you about the cost and time for development as soon as possible.

My vehicle is still under manufacturers warranty will it be affected?

In some cases the remap can be detected by main dealers which has the potential to void your warranty, some however are undetectable so your warranty remains intact.

Can I put the car back to original settings?

Yes you can. We always provide you an original file when you buy a remap (with the exception of Toyota and Lexus cars).